by Late Bloom

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released July 8, 2017

Recorded in SF by Jason Brownstein



all rights reserved


Late Bloom San Francisco, California

Late Bloom is Krizta, Tea Cake and Riley

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Track Name: Molded
Wanna be molded
Go deeper, go high high
Wanna be molded

I want you to grab me
I want you to take me
I want you to have me
I want you to fuck me

Go deeper go high high
Let us lose ourselves
I want to lose myself

I want you to grab me
I want you to take me
I want you to have me
I want you to fuck me

I want you to have your way just have your way

I want to find myself
Please help me find myself
Track Name: Heavy Heavy
Why do we go there feeling out a mess why do we go there insecure and tense

Sweaty palms dripping palms

What do I want what do you want

We know so much in the dark heavy heavy

We meant to do this and it hurts so good
Sweaty palms dripping palms

We know so much in the dark heavy, heavy
Track Name: No Shit
Hey ok
It's taking over me
I gotta get out

Cuz when we go there we don't take no shit we don't take ur shit
When we go there and we walk into the room we make you go ah ah ah
You go uh uh uh
And I see it

Wanna run from the room but I can't I can't

Don't talk to me don't talk to them don't look at me don't look at them
Track Name: Stay In Bed
There's a hole where sometimes were thrown and it can never end, we hold our friends

Stay in bed don't eat stay in bed find secrets to keep

Cuz it's a bad bad it's a bad bad

Sometimes I wanna quit could feel good to walk away from this

And I wonder what she'd think

She might not have space cause she's feeling it too
It's been hard and she can't leave her room
Still she'd meet me for a walk
Still she'd meed me for a walk
Track Name: No Body
To have no body, to have no body

Take the vastness of my own experience and turn it into a shared story of social management, laughter, etiquette and grace

Try to reject the oppressive language that seeks to confine me into rigid gender roles

Cuz the message is clear you are not you you are not you

I dream of being genderless in a state of pure me

I say I'm not a girl and you're silent